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Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Ask Corral! | 0 comments

Dear Corral,

Summer is here and I ate a popsicle, but it got stuck to my tongue! My mom said to just leave it and let it melt off. It worked, but most of it melted onto my shirt and not into my mouth. So I still want to eat a popsicle! Should I try again or is that tempting fate? I looked pretty silly around the office with a popsicle stuck to my tongue.


Dear Constance,

Since yer in an office, I think you should get workers comp for that! I bet your tongue was sore! Use the money to go on vacation and when you get there, drink a slushy drink! They taste like popsicles but wont get stuck to yer tongue. Hope that helps!

I Don’t Got Rythem!

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Dear Corral,

You know that song, “I Got Rythem”? I don’t got it! I can’t even walk on a beat, let alone dance. Sometimes I notice that even my breathing is all over the place! Sometimes people clap and try to get me to clap along. No luck! What should I do? BY THE WAY A BIG DANCE IS COMING UP!

Justin, 13.

Dear Justin,

Rhythm is a hard word to spell! Keep at it!

You do have it, it’s just your OWN rhythm! Make everyone else do it YOUR way! Make them clap along to YOU! Like, me, from now on, I’ll spell it “Rythem” just to show y’all some support because that’s what friendship is all about!



My Sister Smells!

Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in Ask Corral! | 0 comments

Dear Corral,

My sister is okay but sometimes in the morning her breath is so stinky! I call her butt-breath but I don’t think she gets that I’m not joking. How many times should I say, “seriously, I’m not joking” before giving up?

Max, 18.

Dear Max,

If it’s only in the morning, and not in the rest of the day, she probably DID get the hint! She just doesnt care if she smells around you because yer her brother! Good work letting her know to use extra mouthwarsh so that she smells GREAT at school!


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