Corral at 2015 Fringe KIDS Festival!

Check out our great review from Mooney on Theatre! 

Corral Blue Can’t Dance performs at its best when it puts story first, whether through demonstrating improvisation while creating a sketch or using the audience’s suggestions to live animate a cartoon story.

But for me, any show that ends with giggles and everyone dancing in the aisles is a hoot.”

Read this Great Review from This is the Way I See It

“It’s akin to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse in its self-referential silliness that engages adults and children at the same time, on different levels, but it also has a perfectly endearing host in Corral Blue, and a strong, sweet message about not letting a perceived lack of natural talent stop you from doing the activities that you love.”


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Corral’s been doing a monthly show for adults- but one day she realized it has a bunch of stuff in it that KIDS love! Stuff like crafts, songs, drawings, characters, lessons, friends and hollerin’!

“CORRAL BLUE CAN’T DANCE!” …But she can do A LOT!
This is a clubhouse style experience for comedy fans of all ages with sketches, songs, puppets and multimedia. Corral uses a tablet and projector to draw cartoons live and is joined by a cast of strong comedic and musical talent. Ticket price includes a robot, a bigfoot, cowboys, a BIG dance party and a story!

Corral is looking forward to the Awesome Possum Possumteer Party… until she learns that there’s going to be DANCING! She experiences a fun discovery about creative expression and facing fears! Come on Possumteers!

Corral Cast Small

With Cactus Kevin Henkel, Caleigh LeGrand, (Cay Lee the Purdy now played by Angele Morgan) Corral Blue, and Devon Hyland!

“Corral Blue Can’t Dance” Showtimes! 

Wed July 1- 2:45

Fri July 3-  5:00

Sun July 5- 4:45

Tue July 7- 3:00

Wed July 8- 5:00

Fri July 1o- 3:00

Sat July 11- 3:15

Located at the George Ignatief Theatre, 15 Devonshire St.


In the show, Corral tells a story using audience suggestions- then she draws in the missing pieces live with the projector!


Devon Hyland and Angele Morgan as Cowboy the Hat and Purdy the Cay-Lee!

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“We can not wait!!!!!!” -Children

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